Ultra-Pure Refill

Ultra-Pure Refill

Size:  8 fl. oz/ 240ml

Price:  $20

To fill the small bottle, wiggle out the snap-in tip. You can use pliers if you like. Since the pliers can damage the dropper tip, we include spare dropper tips with your purchase (only from our website).  Then, use the included dispensing cap to pour the oil from the refill bottle into the empty bottle and snap in the new dropper tip. If you have small children, please put the child-resistant cap back onto the refill bottle.



Our Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil can fill the 2-oz bottle four times.  This saves some money and makes good use of the small bottle.

Web Exclusive: When you purchase the refill bottle from our website, we include one empty bottle, a cap, and four dropper tips. Note that this empty bottle is the type without a child-resistant cap, so it is intended for households without small children.

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