Rotary Oil Set

Rotary Oil Set

Size:  20ml each

Price:  $10.50

See our blog about How To Oil Rotary Valves.

Buy our Light Bearing Oil together with our Linkage, Lever and Key Oil and save!

Light Bearing Oil is about two times thicker than Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, and our Linkage, Lever and Key Oil is about 10 times thicker. These thicknesses are designed to lubricate the moving parts on rotary valves and to prevent wear. Even if your valves are working, you should apply oil every week to keep the valves in perfect condition.

We recommend using Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil on the rotary valve surface, squirting a few drops down the slide tubes and working in the oil.

Now in child-safety bottles with push-to-turn caps.

All our oils are synthetic, non-toxic, odorless, and long-lasting.

Buy together and save!

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