HW Brass-Saver[TM] Trumpet Snake

HW Brass-Saver[TM] Trumpet Snake

Size:  42"

Price:  $6.95

First, push the ball-end through the slide (a small 2nd valve slide is shown in these photos). Then pull the plastic ribbon through and feed in the start of the brush. Just pull the brush through! The bristles are very soft and reach into every corner. You can use it wet or dry.


The HW Brass-Saver[TM] trumpet snake is a very flexible, non-scratching brush that easily cleans all the tuning slides. It is also used to run through the leadpipe. We do not recommend that you use it to clean the bell-bow since it may not reach all the way through.  But everywhere else on the horn, it is just wonderful! If you are purchasing a Deluxe Care Kit, choose the option to add the HW Brass-Saver Snake and you will save some money.

A wonderful brush!

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