Deluxe Trumpet Care Kit

Deluxe Trumpet Care Kit

Price:  $23.95 or $29.95 for Care Kit Plus HW Brass-Saver Snake

Choose with or without HW Brass-Saver Snake

The Deluxe Trumpet Care Kit will come with everything shown below, including the FREE Light Tuning Slide Lube!

Trumpet Care Kit 2013c -2 Lubes -s

Our Deluxe Trumpet Care Kit comes with:

  • Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil and Regular Tuning Slide Lube
  • FREE Light Tuning Slide Lube (from our website only!)
  • Valve casing brush
  • Mouthpiece brush
  • Flexible Snake
  • Extra-Large Microfiber Polishing Cloth
  • Instructions

If you are purchasing our Deluxe Care Kit, we recommend also purchasing an HW Brass-Saver Snake!

Comes with a free Light Tuning Slide Lube.

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