KHS Selects Ultra-Pure Oils for XO Line

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ultra-Pure Oils is proud to announce that KHS Musical Instruments has selected Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil and Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube to ship with each XO brass instrument. The XO line is the professional series of instruments from KHS and is widely recognized for their excellence. XO endorsers including the Boston Brass, trumpeter Roger Ingram, and low brass players Sam Palafian and Pat Sheridan have also been endorsing Ultra-Pure Oils for the past few years.

Johnny Liang, Brass Product Manager at KHS said "I selected Ultra-Pure Oils to include with our XO instruments because I believe they are the highest quality lubricants and they make a great match for our line of professional instruments. We and our customers pay attention to the details of construction all the way down to the accessories and we are proud to include Ultra-Pure Oils with our instruments. We are also using Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil on our factory assembly line."  Brent Rosborough, Wind Instrument Product Manager at KHS-America, also supported the decision. "We have been using Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil on the instruments at several trade shows, and have been very pleased with the valve response. One application lasts a long time and feels just great. Since Ultra-Pure is a synthetic lubricant, it does not dry out or leave any residues."

Ultra-Pure Oils manufactures premium synthetic lubricants and accessories for brass instruments. Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube, Ultra-Pure Tuning Slide Lubes, care kits and more are available to dealers through their distributors, and to instrument makers directly from the manufacturer.

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