Ultra-Pure Oils at ITG-2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ultra-Pure Oils was an exhibitor at the International Trumpet Guild (ITG) conference that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June, 2011. We met many of our top endorsers and customers who were performing at the ITG, including Kiku Collins, Mike Vax, Wayne Bergeron, Joey Pero, Trent Austin, Wilmer Wise, Mike Thompson, Ed Carroll, James Thompson, Kim Dunnick, and so many more!

Kiku _collins _s

Kiku Collins, trumpeter with Beyonce' and Michael Bolton is a Getzen Artist. Kiku told Ken Saul, owner of Ultra-Pure Oils, that Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is the "best oil in the universe!!!"

Kiki _collins _and _mike _vax _s 

               Kiku Collins with Mike Vax. Both Kiku and Mike are Getzen Artists.

Joey _pero _02_s

 Joey Pero says "This is the stuff!!!"

Manny _laureano _s

Manny Laureano, principal trumpet with the Minnesota Orchestra. The whole trumpet section of the Minnesota Orchestra uses Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil!

Wayne _bergeron _s

Hollywood recording star, Wayne Bergeron, said he has been using and loving Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil ever since he got some from his section-mate, Malcolm McNab! Wayne is a Yamaha Artist.

Ayano _tomioka _s

We met many enthusiastic customers from all over the world, including Ayano Tomioka from Japan.  She and her friends said "Ultra-Pure is famous in Japan!"