How To Oil Trumpet Valves

How to Oil Trumpet Valves

The first time you use Ultra-Pure Professional valve oil, or when you are changing brands of oils, you should clean the trumpet or rinse off the old oils with the new oil.  See our tips on How to Clean the Trumpet if you want to give the trumpet a full cleaning. Otherwise, just remove the valves and the bottom valve caps, being careful to see how the valves will go back in their casings. If the bottom valve caps are stuck, try using a rubber jar opener to get a better grip. Using pliers can damage the valves, so if you can't remove the caps, take your horn to a music repair shop.

After removing the valves and bottom caps, put the horn over some newspaper and squirt plenty of oil down the casings and the valves to remove the old oils and grime.  Carefully put the valves back into their casings. Wipe off the bottom valve caps before putting them back on the horn.  After two heavy oilings like this, you will have removed all the old oils.

Oiling _3

To re-oil your valves, just unscrew the valve from the casing and carefully pull it all the way out (note which way the numbers face when you first pull it out - this is the way they will go back in). Put 3 to 5 drops of Ultra-Pure Professional valve oil on the valve surface.  Then put the valve back into the casing, click it into place and tighten it. You should do this a few times each week or more often if your valves are sticking.


If you are in a hurry, you can pull it partly out of the casing and add oil.  But pulling all the way out is the best.

Oiling _valve

(Note that some of these photos show our older style bottle.)