How to Oil Rotary Valves

We have written a short blog about how to oil your rotary valves. Click this link to read all the details!

Here are some tips if you want to get the basics now.

Start with the Ultra-Pure Complete Rotary Valve Lube Kit.


Use Ultra-Pure Light Bearing Oil on the top and bottom bearings (also called spindles).


Apply a few drops of Ultra-Pure Linkage, Lever & Key Oil to any threaded parts.


The Light Bearing Oil goes in the small gap under the part that is rotating in the valve mechanism.


Oil the levers or keys and springs with the Linkage, Lever & Key Oil.


Oil all mechanical linkages, ball joints, hinges, etc., with the Linkage, Lever & Key Oil.


Use Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil to oil the rotors down the slide tubes for each valve. Press the valve levers several times to work in the fresh oil.


Grease the tuning slides with Ultra-Pure Regular Tuning Slide Lube.


Even if your horn feels fine, you should oil every week to prevent wear and corrosion.