How to Oil or Grease Tuning Slides

How to Oil or Grease Tuning Slides

Use Ultra-Pure REGULAR Tuning Slide Lube to lubricate all the tuning slides of brass instruments, including trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, euphonium, and tuba. 

Use Ultra-Pure LIGHT Tuning Slide Lube to lubricate the 1st and 3rd valve slides of trumpets that have to move quickly and easily to make adjustments to the pitch of some notes that are a bit sharp.

Ultra-Pure HEAVY tuning slide lube is especially good for slides that are loose and tend to move over time. It will really keep them in place.

Ultra-Pure Tuning Slide & Cork Grease in a "lip balm" tube is a simple way to lube your slides with a medium-weight grease that will last about a week or two.

First, wipe off the slide with a tissue to remove the old slide lube and any grime. Put a dab of the tuning slide lube onto the slide and rub it around with your fingers. After putting the slide back into the instrument, wipe off any excess lube that got onto the horn or your fingers using a tissue. You should lube your tuning slides every week or two.

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