Ultra-Pure Oils: About Us

About Ultra-Pure Oils LLC

Ultra-Pure Oils started in 1990. I was searching for a quality non-toxic valve oil for my trumpet and could not find anything satisfactory. I experimented with various blends of synthetic oils to develop the ideal lubricant for valves: Fast, light, and super-smooth with a little silky feel to it. Long-lasting and odorless. No build-up or staining. 

Ultra-Pure Oils started out as a hobby business.  In 2000, the Monette Corporation began using Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil on their fine trumpets, and the secret was out. Since then, our business has been growing steadily and we have added tuning slide lubes, care kits, and a trombone slide lube to our product line.

So many players have sent us comments on how Ultra-Pure made their valves work so much better and the way they should. The list of professional endorsers continues to grow.  Our products are now sold all over the globe, both at music stores and online.

Ultra-Pure Oils LLC is a family-owned and operated business. We care about the environment and recycle all our waste cardboard, plastic bottles, and any waste oils.  Our plastic bottles are completely recyclable. Please remember to reuse or wash and recycle your bottle when it is empty.

If you have any questions about our products, just contact us!

Thank you,

Ken Saul, General Manager

Ultra-Pure Oils LLC